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Discover the Power of a Nurturing Touch with an Exquisite Bespoke Experience
Massage Therapist with more than 20 years experience, ITEC and Oxford School of Massage Diploma 2016, fully insured.


Cristina's qualifications

Cristina Tanasescu
Massage & Beauty Therapist

Discover the Power of a Nurturing Touch with an Exquisite Bespoke Experience

"Working with the Hands the Head and the Heart is an Artist!”

The beautiful quote neatly encapsulates everything that I feel about massage. We all know that there is a world of difference between a quick rub up and down from an amateur and the exquisite bespoke healing that you can receive from a master therapist.
Massage is a key element in bringing the beauty of transcendence and connection to others.

The skill is beyond science, beyond textbooks which makes our strapline live : Relax your Mind | Renew your Spirit | Rejuvenate your Body 

I have first studied a Massage course, back in 1997, in Romania. Since then I have practiced with passion providing a bespoke massage in all over the places I have worked / stayed in: Romania (Dambovita), Spain (Valencia, Madrid), US (Chicago).

I become so passionate about my craft that I have decided to refresh my knowledge and enrolled in the Oxford School of Massage in 2014. Two years later, I proudly took my Holistic and Therapeutic Massage Diploma (Level 3 ), including ITEC Diploma (Level 3), Anatomy and Physiology (Level 3) , Professional Awareness (Level 3) and decided to take the risk by quitting my secure office job and opening a Massage business. It was then, in December 2016,  when I have become part of the Spirit Health Club at The Holiday Inn, Peartree Roundabout for two years and I launched The Oxford Massage Centre (OMC). I have operated until I received the sad notice, that the Spirit will be knocked down due to the planning approval for new extra hotel rooms.

This was the time when the OMC’s Signature Massage became a very popular full body massage treatment, as I have incorporated notions of healing, therapeutical massage, stretching and all my years of experience and massages received from other professionals. In time, I have enhanced my knowledge and I have studied other courses, such as Facials, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Ear Candling  etc.
At OMC, the art of touch uses the skills of listening touch, mindfulness, great body mechanism , flow, intuition and listening with the heart. The skill is beyond science, beyond textbooks. Our Strapline is : Relax your Mind | Renew your Spirit | Rejuvenate your Body.

While I was awaiting for the bureaucratic documents to finalise for the current premises, Jurys Inn Hotel, respectively the Juvenate Health Club, in Oxford, Godstow Rd, agreed to take me under their wings for about 3 months. I was grateful to have a roof under my head to continue to provide a professional service.

We successfully opened the centre but could not have done it without your support.  I hope I can continue to count on your support. 

Owner/ Massage Therapist @ The Oxford Massage Centre Ltd Updated  July 2019


Russell's qualifications

Russell Lloyd Saunders
Massage Therapist

‘Stress is the inability of the body to cope!”

Whoever we are, however old we become, life can find a way of slowing us down. Injury and disfunction can change how we move and relate to life. Absorbing stresses in a psychological manner or in a physical capacity can have an effect of reducing our flexibility and positive mood.

I became involved in therapy I guess from the hospital bed. I sustained an injury which absolutely took everything I wished and loved to do. During many rehabilitation sessions I gained an interest in therapy and decided to learn more.

I am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and in 2011 I have successfully completed the Oxford School of Sport Massage (OSSM) graduating with BTEC level 5 diploma - the highest level in Sport and Remedial massage and Soft Tissue therapy.  
At OSSM, the training is of the highest standards in anatomy, physiology, practical application of massage, soft tissue release.  
2 years later, respectively in 2013 I have completed the syllabus in training in The Bowen Therapy .

The human body is baffling and fantastic. It has the propensity to keep going on such limited fuel. I have seen so many people who dismiss the notion they have a mobility issue, however I still find problems within. Once released they are amazed at how better they feel and how they didn’t know it existed before.

I studied Human Science and have training in correctional therapy. Sometimes the problem becomes a puzzle with a requirement of an answer. The human form is a complex system of balance and symmetry. One area will always by reciprocal tension pull on another. Therefore the niggle or strain you feel may be a response from the inability to cope elsewhere!

I have seen the effects I can bring to the body from Clinical Sports Massage  therapy, this can align the structural framework of the skeleton reduces pain and discomfort.

Bowen therapy is very relaxing and works on the release of the Fascia binding in the body. Fascia is the fabric that pulls all our components together, enclosing, separating and gliding. It potency is often underestimated but used correctly is extremely effective.

My passion is to restore the elements of mobility back to the person. This freedom allows such positive changes and happiness.

Injury brought me to the theatre, but knowledge and patience allowed me to grow as a therapist. I am keen to sport and enjoy realising the potential of other athletes through my therapy.

I am a therapist at heart and wish to spend my working days solely caring for others.

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