Facial Express with LED mask therapy or vegan mask includes cleansing, exfoliation, LED or vegan mask and moisture
£60 / 45 mins

Facial Skincare with steam, extractions, face and shoulders massage and LED therapy mask
£80 / 90 mins

LED Mask includes cleansing and the mask
£45 / 30 mins

Men’s Facial with cleansing, steam, extractions, face massage and / or the LED light therapy or a vegan mask
£60 / 60 mins

Facial Reflexology Wonder-Lift Treatment

£65 / 60 mins




See below some information about the Illumination LED light therapy face and neck mask.


This is one of the first LED Masks to hit the UK, it is an exciting device that offers a popular and results-driven treatment. Used by professionals, it can be used on its own our as part of a whole skincare routine.

Technology: Red LED | Blue LED | Near Infrared LED | Galvanic

Treatment Modes:

  • Anti-Ageing: Red & near infrared LED
  • Anti-Blemish: Blue & near infra-red LED
  • Total Rejuvenation: Red, blue & near infra-red LED

How does it work?
LED treatments exposes light to the skin’s surface, which activates its photo-receptors and lets the skin cells absorb its light energy.
LED therapy stimulates the production of collagen among other processes.
LED light therapy is a pain-free and results-driven treatment that has no downtime and targets a variety of skin issues such as pigmentation, signs of ageing, and breakouts.
LED is an anti-inflammatory treatment that increases the healing process.

• Reduces active acne
• Prevents breakouts
• Skin is smoother, firmer and plumper
• Accelerates cellular renewal, treating the face and the neck
• Speeds up the wound healing process
• Increases collagen and elastin production
• Promotes healthy and glowing skin


LED Light Therapy Technology


Blue LED (430nm)

  • penetrates 204mm into the skin
  • works to treat breakouts, spots and problem-prone skin without damaging the skin unlike harsh topical treatments
  • reduces the p.acnes bacteria
  • prevent future breakouts

Red LED (630nm)

  • penetrates 8-10mm into the skin
  • great for rejuvenation, anti-ageing and healing
  • stimulates the production of collagen
  • great for sensitive skin types
  • combine in-clinic with peels, IPL, micro needling and laser for enhanced results

Near Infrared (830nm)

  • penetrates 25mm into the skin
  • makes significant improvement in the skin’s healing process
  • can help with serious skin concerns like hyperpigmentation
  • accelerates cellular renewal


We recommend a course of 6 sessions. We are happy to send you a package if you are interested in helping your skin to get that long needed glowing back.

All our skincare products are vegan, cruelty-free and freshly made in the UK.


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