What's the Aromatherapy? And how does the Aromatherapy and Christianity combine ?

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What’s the Aromatherapy ?


The aromatherapy is the therapy that uses essential oils for emotional and physical healing.


The English aromatherapist use essential oils diluted in massage oil and will tell you never to use essential oils without diluting them in carrier oil or vegetable oil.

The French prefer to ingest essential oils and the German simply inhale.

In America, true to American nature, they use the aroma therapy methods of many cultures for healing. 



Essential oils are steam distilled or cold pressed from various plant materials. there are some oils cold absolutes and they are made by using a chemical solvent to extract the fatty oils of the plant, such as jasmine. 

 The therapeutic grade is important when you choose an essential oil. 

It is necessary to use low pressure and low temperature during distillation , but  distillers in order to create more volume, will use high temperatures and high pressure, some will distill the plant 2/3 times. 


How to choose the best?


Look for a 

  1. sustainable sourcing (soil quality ( with no pesticides), climate (take in consideration the amount of rain, the amount of sunshine, no contaminants), 

  2. adulteration, fillers - they must be 100% pure essential 

  3. CPTG stamp (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade )





    These oils are 3/4 times more expensive than low grade essential oils. 

    The ones I use are döTERRA brand - I used them in the diffuser, on the skin and I intake it as well. They comply to the 3 main important requirements.  

    Every single bottle of döTERRA oils comes with a quality ID number on the bottom of the bottle to view the third party test results for that batch.  


    Here is a link if you wish to find more info or to place an order:




If you are allergic to jasmine and lavender you can use these for substitution

 Lavender - substitution is Petitgrain , Hyssop, rosemary, Clary Sage

Jasmine - substitution is Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Tuberose, Vetiver, Sandalwood


Essential oils good for anti-inflammatory or for muscle relaxation are : lavender,  juniper, ginger, geranium, rosemary, black pepper, however I highly recommend the döTERRA “Deep Blue” . 



ALWAYS check the safety precautions associated with any oil or substitute you plan to use and seek medical advice for any

contra-indication conditions such as 

pregnancy, epilepsy , high blood pressure, cancer..etc…please visit our Massage Centre’s website for more info or just google it. 



You can read more about the contra-indication on our Massage Centre’s website, go to Price List and look for the Aromatherapy.   

Keep in mind that essential oils are very concentrated, always use a couple of drops at a time, avoid the eyes, nose, ears, private areas. Do not try to wash off the oil with water, water will cause it to spread even more, use carrier oil, do a skin test before using an essential oil, store them in brown bottles, out of direct sunlight , keep lids tightly closed as they evaporate easily . 


Aromatherapy and Christianity 


Aromatherapy and Christianity , this is something that many people are concerned with. 


Some books and articles advise Christians against using all alternative medicine because of the strong connection to the occult and because it is not scientific, however just because channeling is New Age doesn’t mean we should not use dried herbs. 


In the beginning God created plants with healing benefits, whether to eat, sniff or drink. He was the first aroma therapist, the first herbalist and the first dietician . 

The Bible does mention aromatherapy or the use of aromatic plants, according to David Stewart PhD in his book “Healing oils in the Bible “ , 1035 times. 


Please remember that NO drug, No herb, NO amount of meditation can heal the soul but GOD only. All healing comes from God. 

See below a few examples for the use of aromatic plants in the Bible:


  • Songs of Solomon describes a locked garden with choice of fruits, henna , nard plants, saffron - Song of Songs 4: 12-15

  • The Lord spoke to Moses, saying take also for yourself the finest of the spices to make an anointing oil - Exodus 30:22-29

  • Cinnamon - Exodus 30:23

  • Mustard - Matthew 13:31

  • Mint - Luke 11:42

  • Cedarwood (Cedar of Lebanon) - Ezra 3:7

  • Rose of Sharon - Song of Solomon 2:1

  • Saffron - Song of Solomon 4:14

  • Bdellium - Exodus 37:15



 This article is never intended to replace the medical advice. 



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