10 ways to define your own personal success

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  1. Money - It´s where most people start, but in reality, as long as you have enough money, more won´t make you any happier.
  2. Love - Arguably the most important aspect of success. You might love a partner, your children, pets or even the view from your bedroom window. Without love, life can seem pretty empty.
  3. Health - Freedom from pain or life - shortening illness is important. If you have poor health, you might define success differently. Many people in the final stages of terminal illness set and achieve goals.
  4. Comfort - The human body works best when it´s warm, fed and rested. Creating a comfortable home where you feel safe is vital.
  5. Learning - School and university teach you how to learn but you should never stop when you leave. Learning is a great way to excite your imagination, stimulate enthusiasm and develop new interests.
  6. Fun - Too many were brought up to see life as a duty and not to be enjoyed. Planning time for fun is as important as anything else.
  7. Giving - Bizarrely the old adage that is "better to give than to receive" is true. Make time to help others and enjoy their success too.
  8. Medals - Whilst few of you will in reality be awarded with medals for achievement by your head of state, being recognised for what you do is important to us all. Sometimes simply saying thank-you is enough.
  9. Change - Nothing stays the same and nor should it. Plan to make changes in your life and measure every step of the journey. The shorter the steps, the faster you´ll move.
  10. Things - It´s nice to buy things, but perhaps not wise to define your success purely by what you can afford. Some of the most meaningful purchases that will define your success could be as simple as a thank-you card from someone you´ve helped.

In some of the areas listed, you´re probably already successful, or at least content. In fact if you´re content, then you are successful! The things you want to change are those you feel are not working for you at the moment. Here you feel you could be more successful.



Working out what you want to change

Your challenge right now is to question why you want the things and experiences you do. Ask yourself: What are the things you want to change and why? You need to be sure that your aspirations are truly yours and not conveniently borrowed from elsewhere. Adopting someone else´s goals and succeeding in reaching them will not necessarily make you happy. Do not be tempted to compare the size of your goals with other people´s. This is one of those situations where bigger does not mean better. It only means different.

For example, you might want to drive a sports car, or learn to drive a bus. Both are equally admirable goals, but only if you really understand why they are so important to you.

You need to work out what you really want to do.


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